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 Let me introduce myself. My name is Sophie Amiach.  I was born and raised in France. I played on the Women's Professional Tennis Tour for 15 years from 1980-1995.
One of the highlights of my career was reaching the quarter-finals at the Australian Open against Chris Evert in 1984.
In 1987 I moved to the United States.  I had a rare opportunity to work on my game with the one and only Billie-Jean King.  I have Billie-Jean to thank for all she did for me and for being such a positive influence in my life, not only as a tennis player but also as a great person and friend.
While playing on the tour in 1992 I knew that my tennis career was coming to an end.  I needed to start anew.  Therefore I decided to create my own company, 40-Love that focused on tennis trips to France and now also pickleball. This led to the creation of "French Travel Specialists"!  Its goal is to create a unique travel opportunity and provide you with an extraordinary vacation experience in France.
How do I do this? 
I create and customize trips to different parts of France including Paris, Champagne, The Loire Valley and its extraordinary castles, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Provence and so many more destinations! You will enjoy tasting wines in quaint wineries, experience the culinary feast from different regions, play tennis along the way but most of all you will discover France with the eyes and heart of a French Native! Sophie!
I am pleased to share with you the joys of sports, food, wine, and many French cities.  I'm excited and looking forward to be a part of creating your own memorable adventure! 
"Sophie's tennis expertise and French background will provide her with the experience necessary to direct these group tours. I have the highest respect for Sophie as an entrepreneur and friend.  She is loyal, trustworthy and very dedicated to her work and will make a strong leader in this business venture. Enjoy your trip!"
Billie Jean King
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